from our therapist Sue Lee

About Our Hypnotherapist

With over a decade of experience, Sue is a highly skilled Hypnotherapist, Health & Wellness Coach and Life Coach. Dedicated to transforming lives, her extensive expertise spans a range of issues including anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence, fears & phobias, weightloss and smoking cessation.

Renowned for her approachable demeanour and professionalism, Sue has helped countless clients overcome their challenges and achieve lasting change.

Consistently earning outstanding testimonials Sue's commitment to her clients promotes a transformative journey full of support for all those who seek her guidance.

What to expect from your appointment

We understand that sometimes coming to see a practitioner can be a daunting process, and we do our best to make our patients feel completely relaxed and at ease from the moment they walk into the practice. 

If you haven't been to us before Helen will begin by taking a full medical case history from you, as well as asking you to complete a short medical information form. Helen will talk you through the best course of action and the likely duration of the recommended treatment plan.
Pain management
Neck pain
Joint pain
Dental pain
Postoperative pain

Our fees

£499 for a program of 4 sessions which includes phone calls, texts and if required, a bespoke MP3 download

£349 for a program of 3 sessions which includes phone calls, texts and if required, a bespoke MP3 download

Other Services Available

We offer a wide range of therapies and treatments, learn more about the other treatments available below.

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